How Vulnerable are Emerging Markets to Rising Interest Rates?

Colchester’s investment team analyse debt levels in emerging markets in light of recent rises in global interest rates; and assess how vulnerable they really are in the event of further or more rapid rates rises.

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Environmental Social and Governance – Colchester Global Investors Responsible Investment

Responsible investing is, and has been since the inception of the company in 1999, integral to the investment process employed by Colchester...

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Global and Emerging Market Inflation Linked Bonds

Colchester’s investment team analyse the evolution of the Inflation Linked Bond market, how and why they are utilised in portfolios, and what Colchester’s investment approach is for this sector of the market.

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Prospective Real Yields and Active Global Bond Management

The prospective real-yield approach, based on purchasing power parity concept, appears to have real-world application, with a minimal need for forecasting...

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